Our research typically involves technological innovation through ongoing engagement with practitioners and participants, and studies of the lifeworlds of these technologies and technological spaces with a keen focus on peoples' experiences and histories. Our work involves long-term research-practice partnerships with institutions such as Telus SPARK Science Center, Studio Bell - Canada's National Music Center, and the Banff Center for Arts and Creativity.

A few notable technological innovations that have come out of our lab are:

  • ViMAP, a as a high-ceiling, low-threshold programming language and modeling platform for K-12 science classrooms; ViMAP heavily uses the NetLogo modeling platform;
  • A series of public computing installations that bring together open source code, scientific simulations of complexity, storytelling, arts and public engagement;

Significant ongoing innovations include:

Research Projects

Designing Programming Languages for K-12 STEM

Identities and Agency in STEM Education

Complex Systems Education and Multi-Agent Modeling

Conceptual Change in Science Education