Public Installations

Our work in Public Computing is heavily shaped by the public computing installations that we have been fortunate to create, design and engage with. These installations themselves span a broad range of disciplines: (science, engineering and computer science, music and art) and spaces (art and science museums, and universities, and hopefully, someday real soon, public sidewalks). You can learn more about our installations below, or by clicking the links on the left.

Links to Selected News Articles

Boids’ demonstrate deeper meaning for LGBTQ experiences, Rocky Mountain Outlook, May, 2019
Computer coding challenge lets young learners 'Hack the Flock', UToday, March 2018
Voice your celebration on Canada Day: Create a maple leaf through sound, UToday, June 2018
Gather around a virtual campfire, complete with fire-crackling sound effects, for some LGBTQ storytelling: UToday, September, 2018

Flocking Stories: Our Latest Installation

How do the stories we tell about ourselves bring us together or force us to seek out new paths?

This immersive digital art installation explores how simulations might provide new ways to examine that question. As part of their Leighton Studio Fleck Residency, we designed an immersive experience at the intersection of computer code, scientific simulations, music and storytelling. In this installation, you are surrounded by projected simulations of flocking birds. You can record your stories, songs, and sounds for individual birds who will use these recordings to interact with each other. Be a bird in the flock: break and re-make the code that shapes the birds and the patterns that emerge as they flock together. Read more...

Behind the Scenes of "Flocking Stories"

Ongoing and Recent Installations

Hack The Flock

Telus SPARK Science Center, Calgary

Mar 2018 - Ongoing

Voice Your Celebration

Studio Bell, National Music Center, Calgary

Canada Day, 2018


University of Calgary, Werklund School of Education

Mar 2016 - Ongoing

Exchange Archive

MoMA, Cullman Research Studio, New York, NY

April - June, 2013