Along the design strand, we are interested in developing new forms of learner-centered, computation-based learning environments, in addition to developing generalizable, theoretical design frameworks. A central characteristic of these learning environments is that they are low-threshold and high-ceiling. Learning environments that we design include new modeling and programming languages and platforms, as well as simulations based on existing programming and modeling platforms and languages. 
Some of the tools we are interested in are listed below:
  1. Multi-Agent Based Modeling (NetLogo, Scratch)
  2. Teachable Agents (developed by our colleagues at the Teachable Agents group in the Computer Science department at Vanderbilt)
  3. Immersive Narrative-based Environments (Inform 7)
  4. Participatory Simulations based on Multi-Agent Based Models (HubNet)
If you are interested in learning more, please send an us an email at pratim.sengupta at vanderbilt dot edu