The Mind, Matter & Media Lab (M3Lab) is a Learning Sciences research lab at the University of Calgary, Canada, directed by Prof. Pratim Sengupta, Research Chair of STEM Education, and Associate Professor of Learning Sciences. Until Aug 2015, we were located at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College. Doctoral students working in the lab are enrolled in doctoral programs both at the University of Calgary and Vanderbilt University.

Research Areas
  • Public education
    • Open computing in public spaces
    • Open science in public spaces
    • Critical design and public education
  • Computing in STEM education 
    • Multi-agent-based computing
    • Programming languages for K12 STEM
    • Modeling complex systems using open-source technologies
    • New technologies for STEM education
  • Researcher-Practitioner partnerships
    • Teacher appropriation of computing
    • Teacher professional learning
    • Researcher-teacher relationships
  • Learning, Conceptual change and Development
    • Modeling conceptual change
    • Learning as long-term co-development of concepts and representational practices   

Selected Papers

Learning Technologies & Environments We Have Designed

DigiPlay @ WSE

  • DigiPlay @ WSE

ViMAP for K12 Classrooms

  • ViMAP
  • Urban Flood Part-Sim
    • participatory agent-based simulation for modeling urban flooding
    • github
    • a short paper
  • Agent Sonos
    • musical computation using agents
    • under development
Commissioned Design Projects
  • Exchange Archive
    • network visualization software for artists and art projects
    • website
    • displayed at the MoMA, NYC in June 2013

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